About Us

Roy Wickline
Wickline Bedding Company

Roy Wickline walked into a mattress factory at the young age of 24, looking for a job. However, finding employment during the Great Depression was nearly impossible. Unless, you were willing to work for free.

To prove his worth, Roy began hand crafting mattresses without pay. From this humble beginning, he took the knowledge he had acquired at one of the most respected independent family bedding companies and ventured out to start The Wickline Bedding Company. The Wickline Bedding Company he founded in 1949 has continued to provide healthful sleep products to consumers to this day through good times and bad. In 2009, like many great companies, Wickline Bedding found that a reorganization was necessary as a result of the worldwide economic crisis.. Through the bankruptcy process Wickline was reorganized and recapitalized and today has returned stronger than ever.

Wickline has become a Regional powerhouse serving consumers and better hotels throughout the Southwestern USA. In addition its Export division provides the highest quality American mattresses to leading retailers across the globe.